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How does the free demo work? 

Simple!  Simply request the free demo, and we'll follow up with any questions we may have.  We will then send you a link to test drive your new website within 5 business days.   

What makes you different from other web design companies?  

Sublime Site Design's team comes primarily from a customer service and creative marketing background.  Taking this experience and bringing it into web design allows us to truly listen to not only what you want from your website, but the tone and theme that you are trying to express within your website.  The brand messaging, thematic tones and aesthetic qualities of a brand are vital to establish connections with audiences, and websites are no different!  We take pride in the ability to listen, see your vision, and bring to life a beautiful web design, allowing your online business to shine it's presence to visitors.

What is the monthly subscription? 

The monthly subscription is a flat monthly fee of $500, which covers all web redesigns, web hosting, web maintenance and SEO setup.  There is no monthly commitment, which allows you the flexibility to cancel at any time.  If you want to shut down your site, the monthly subscription will end and your website will be taken offline.  


However, if you would like to end the monthly subscription but keep the website design, then you can buy the web design from us to retain ownership.   This protects Sublime Site Design as we require no upfront costs.  This will benefit you, as most companies will charge upwards of $1,000 - $2,000 to design a website upfront.  Buyout Prices:​ 

        • Less then 1 year of membership - $1,500        •

        • Less then 2 years of membership - $500

        • After 2 years of membership - No fee

What is included in the monthly subscription? 

  •  Full Website Design (up to 10 pages) -Sublime Site Design works with you to create a beautiful, custom designed website with all of the features needed to ensure a successful online presence.  

  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized - Seamless user-flow experience, executed across Mobile, Desktop and Tablet. 

  • Site Management - With over 15 years of combined customer services within the media and marketing industry, we provide top-level professional customer service to ensure all basic web updates and site maintenance is taken care of in a timely and accurate manner.  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Setup - Sublime Site Design qualifies that your website is set up for success at the very beginning, guaranteeing visibility and search-ability through all search engines.   

What qualifies as 'basic web updates and site maintenence'? 

​Basic web updates and site maintenance means we handle any updates to the website as it is currently built out.  If you need any new or updated content – that's what we are here for!  Just email us the request and we will have it live within 72 hours.

What this service does not cover are changes beyond basic website updates and maintenance.  This would include adding a new page or a new functionality to the website.  As this service would be outside the scope of our retainer, we will work out a project-based quote on the additional work needed.  Our hourly rate is $100/hr.  We will never start any hourly rates before consulting with you, and agreeing upon an estimated hourly timeline.  

Do I have access to my website if I want to make the changes myself? 

Absolutely!  If you'd like to make changes yourself, we'll invite you to be a collaborator on the site so you can edit and learn to manage content on your own.  

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